This is Frankie. She is a 13-year old long haired dachshund. A little over 2 1/2 years ago she began having blood in her urine. Thinking she had a normal UTI, we began treating her with antibiotics. After some temporary relief, the blood returned, so I knew something else was going on, so we performed an ultrasound on her and discovered a tumor at the junction between her urethra and bladder. Further evaluation confirmed our worst nightmare for her, a TCC (transitional cell carcinoma). I am a physician, so I knew the outlook was bleak. Typically, with chemotherapy they might make it 9 months to a year, with gradual increased difficulty of urination and finally death from toxicity because of urinary retention. After trying traditional methods of chemo for 2 months, she, like human counterparts, began showing signs of toxicity from the chemo, being lethargic, had hair loss and just did not feel well. Even with her growing tumor, she never lost her spark until she started chemo. I practice integrative medicine, so I knew there must be alternatives and did not want her suffering more from treatment than from disease, so I began researching other methods of giving her relief. We decided to begin a trial of high dose CBD along with some other protocols. After searching several companies across several states (I live in Colorado which is considered cannabis ground zero), I found what I considered the highest concentration and quality from a New Mexico company called Manna, which has a high potency CBD. I started treating her by adding drops twice daily to her food. Within a brief time, Frankie began to act like her old self. She had increased energy, was playing with her sister and her urine flow began to normalize. After about a month, Frankie seemed to be thriving and as near normal as a 13-year-old dog with cancer could be. Several ultrasounds later the tumor had seemed to stabilize (they never go away) and showed no increase in size. She was back to being a happy little dog, giving us the pleasure of her presence. Recently, as with most cancers, Frankie finally succumbed to her disease, and we sadly lost her this summer. I wanted to thank the folks at Manna Pet CBD for helping extend quality time with our little sweetie. I am convinced that we would not have had the extra year and a half beyond her expected life without the help of the healing properties of a superior quality CBD such as I found with Manna.

  • Dr Randolph B. Arvada, Colorado

I have suffered from severe and chronic nerve pain in my hands and wrists for several years. I discovered a CBD Chinese Herb salve made by My Daily Manna and have used it. This powerful salve has helped to ease the pain that conventional medications cannot take away.

  • Natalie M.

I am an amateur body builder, and I was recently injured at work. I have multiple severe and excruciating symptoms around my neck, shoulders, and head. My doctors have prescribed pain killers and sleep medications. I have found that the Camphor Salve made by My Daily Manna provides greater relief than the prescribed medicines. I highly recommend products made by My Daily Manna. With so many frauds in the market, it is refreshing to know a reputable company that sells quality products.

  • E.A.L.